Join Our Club

We love for you to join our club.   Currently we have a draw event for all tournaments.  For more information, send us an email to one of the officers and introduce yourself.

Our ByLaws are updated each year at the October meeting.


Bass Ackwards Bass Club Bylaws 11-16 public

Tournament Schedule

  • We have 10 tournaments a year. Two events are away at a location that is 4 plus hours from Orange County, California.
  • The season runs from October to August.
  • Partners are pair the month before the event.  We do not have a shared weight events.
  • Point structure are the same for boater and non-boater.
  • We have Golden Rule tournaments when there are various lake restrictions on limit size.
  • We have a Top 10 tournament/event for the highest finishers held in September.


Print and use the Weigh Sheet

weigh sheet